Best Bengali Newspapers| Best Newspapers In Kolkata 2017

From time immemorial, the city of Joy, Kolkata has been named as the cultural capital of the country. There have been several examples of the cultural brilliance that this part of the nation has been a symbol of. Among the many other things that show the culture of the place, a newspaper is just another. There have been various news papers that have been a part of this land. In fact, most of the well-known newspapers bear their roots to this very land! Here, we want to bring to you some of the most popular newspapers in Kolkata. The selection of the same is based on the circulations that they have throughout the nation.

Best Bengali Newspapers|Best Newspapers In Kolkata 2017

7. Ei Samay|Best Bengali Newspapers

Best Bengali Newspapers In Kolkata
Logo Of Ei Samay|Best Bengali Newspapers In Kolkata

Ei Samay is the brain child of the Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. This particular Bengali newspaper has the single motive to be the best in the business and to give a tough challenge to the ABP publication house, which was having almost a free run in this particular state and in the language as well. While the newspaper started with a clean motive, it is yet far behind the mark that it had set for itself. However, this particular newspaper is still giving tough competition to the other publication houses like Bartaman and others.

6. Ebela:

Best Newspapers in Kolkata
Ebela Newspaper Logo|Best Bengali Newspapers

This newspaper is a masterstroke by the ABP. It does not hold its roots to years back like many others in this part of the nation, but this happens to have a different motto which is way different than other media houses. This 32-page Bengali tabloid started its journey on 17th of September 2012. The only motive of this tabloid is to grow back the interest of the young readers back into the newspapers. The 32 pages of this Bengali daily is stuffed with stuff that might get the youth of the generation hooked, while at the same time they also make sure that they give out the required pieces of information to the people at large. This newspaper has been able to succeed up to a certain point to fulfil its motive. However, it would be too early to decide on the same!

5. The Statesman:

Best Newspapers In Kolkata
The Statesman Logo|Best English Newspapers In Kolkata

Although this English daily happens to be one of the most prominent newspapers in the nation today, it must be remembered that this newspaper holds its roots back to Kolkata. The newspaper started in the year 1875, with branches in Kolkata, Siliguri, New Delhi and Bhubaneshwar. This particular news agency is a pride of the nation, as this happens to be a member of the Asia News Network. The onset of this particular newspaper happens to be pretty exciting.

The newspaper printing company had not started the way it is now. In the early days, this daily was governed by two newspapers! Well, yes this particular newspaper does not have a single parent but descends from two, namely The Englishman and The Friend of India. However, it was back in the year 1875, that this name was coined for the daily and the two newspaper media houses, combined into a single one.

4. The Telegraph (Calcutta)

Best English Newspaper In Kolkata
Logo of The Telegraph |Best English Newspaper In Kolkata

The Telegraph is the largest read English newspaper in the eastern part of the nation. It has a readership base of 466,001 as of the Jul-Dec 2016 half recorded. This newspaper is also from the house of the owners of the famous Bengali news paper today, Anandabazaar Patrika. This English News paper in Kolkata came in circulation in the year 1982. Ever since this has been in the run on the eastern parts of the nation, it has been one of the most successful newspaper. It has got as many as 5 editions and is for different states, namely Assam, Jharkhand, Bihar and Orissa. It has been 31 years that the newspaper is dominating the English newspaper industry of the eastern part of the nation, but there hardly seems to be a competitor who has inched closer to it, when it comes to English dailies in Calcutta.

The Best Newspapers In Kolkata 2017|Bengali Newspapers In India 2017

3. Aajkal:

Best Bengali Newspper In Kolkata
Aajkaal Logo|Best Newspaper In Kolkata 2017

This Bangla paper started its journey in the year 1981. It had laid its founding stones with the help of Abhik Kumar Ghosh. This happens to be a unique newspaper in the land, as this is one of the only few leading newspapers, who have an evening edition. Also, apart from Kolkata, the newspaper also has a Tripura version. In Tripura. it is printed from the city of Agartala. Another fascinating thing about this Bangla news paper is the fact that they do not publish astrological predictions. This practice is hardly seen in the Indian dailies. As a matter of fact, astrological predictions happen to be one of the vital pieces of information in many Indian dailies.

2. Bartaman:

Bengali Newspapers in Kolkata
Bartaman Patrika Logo|Best Bengali Newspaper In Kolkata 2017

Although Bartaman holds the second position when it comes to the circulation of the newspapers, it still has a long way to go, to beat the best in the business. To make the facts clear, it would be stated here that this particular Bengali news paper is circulated just 40% of exactly the amount of circulation for the best in the business. The company was set up in the later half of the year 1984. Ever since this Kolkata newspaper has come up, it has faced a fierce competition against the rivals like Protidin, Anandabazaar and many others. However, even still the company has been able to move with the flow of the competition and now has three editions published from various parts of the state.

1. Anandabazaar Patrika:

Anandabazaar Patrika Logo|Best NewsPapers In Kolkata 2017

This happens to be the most read newspaper in Kolkata. Since this is a Bengali newspaper, it also has the charm of the local language and is the main reason for attracting the local people. The circulation of this particular newspaper started in the year 1876. The publication had started in the parts of the then Bengal, which is now in Bangladesh, namely, Jessore District. Being the most widely distributed and circulated Bengali newspaper, this daily has its stronghold in places like Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai. Although it seems to out do its competitors by quite a margin, still its major competitors remain Bartaman, Protidin and many others. These are also among the forerunners for the top place when considered for the number of copies circulated.

These are some of the best newspapers that one can find in Calcutta. We hope that you would get a fair idea about the best newspapers that you might get in Kolkata. The cultural capital of the place has a lot to showcase for those who are interested in the same and we hope that we would be able to bring them all out to you in the days to come!

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