The Indian Coach Drama; Virat Kohli, Anil Kumble, Ravi Shastri And All Others

A lot has been in the news for the past few days about the coach for the Indian cricket team. There have been some continuous whispers about the tension between the captain of the Indian team and the then coach, Anil Kumble. Although, there have been many more opinions that are doing round. Some people feel that Kumble was the person to be blamed. Especially after some unknown seniors of the team, whose names are not yet revealed and the captain of the team complained about the coach and his decisions. On the other hand, there are people who claim that it was the ill-fate of Kohli that he couldn’t use the profound knowledge of the ex-Indian captain and keep winning matches.

The Kohli-Kumble War: Speculations On What Went Wrong!

Kumble And Kohli

However, these are some mere predictions and also what exactly went wrong between the coach and the captain is something that is precisely not known. Various people are of various opinion about the same. Anil Kumble had stepped down as the coach of the Indian national team. This has occurred after India lost to Pakistan in the finals of the Champion’s Trophy.

Kumble As A Coach

Anil Kumble Coach

Before moving on to the news, let us discuss Kumble’s performance as a coach. Anil Kumble has been one of the most successful captains in the history of the game for India. Much like his bowling stats for the nation, Kumble has many accolades to show as a coach. The Indian team under the guidance of Kumble as a coach, has not lost a single series, be it in the nation or outside. The first series that the Indian team faced a loss was the Champion’s Trophy, where India finished the runners-up. Thus, hKumble will always be remembered as one of the best coaches in Indian history.

Anil Kumble And Kohli Fight

Even though Kumble has some impressive figures to show, but unfortunately, he no longer holds the post. So, moving on to the next process. The selection of the coach for the Indian team was done yet again. This time too by the committee consisting of Indian legends, Sourav Ganguly, Sachin Tendulkar and VVS Laxman. The committee took the interview of some of the well-known cricket experts and coaches from various parts of the world. The likes of the same includes, Virendra Sehwag, Ravi Shashtri, Tom Moody, Lalchand Rajput and others.

The Aspirants For The Post And The CAC

Sachin Sourav Laxman

Before coming out with the results, the committee came out in front of the media on 10th of July. This was after having conducted the interview of all the aspirants for the posts. Talking about the selection of the correct person, committee member Sourav Ganguly said that the committee would like to have a talk with Virat Kohli and the team before they took any decision. He also said that it would be made clear to the captain that the coach would function till the World Cup 2019. Thus, this would be a very important decision and the choice must be made very carefully.

Selection Of The Coaches: Ravi Shastri Steals The Show

Kohli And Shastri

On 11th of July, a news started circulating in the social media and also in various reputed news websites. The news read that Ravi Shastri is appointed as the head coach of the Indian team. Soon after that, BCCI said that no such claim has yet been made by the BCCI or the governing body. Yet again, late at night on the same day, the official Twitter handle of the BCCI says that it has appointed Shastri as the head coach of the team. Along with Shastri as the head coach, Zaheer Khan is also appointed as the head bowling coach. Rahul Dravid will be serving as a batting consultant for the team. However, Rahul’s duties will be restricted only to the oversea tournaments.

Rahul Dravid And Zaheer Khan

Thus, Ravi Shastri is appointed the new coach of the Indian team. In the days to come, we would expect that the team would play as a unit under the guidance of the coach. Although differences might creep in, it is most advisable that one does away with all those and keeps playing with the best motives for the game.

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