Things You Must Know Before You Go On To Watch The Movie TubeLight

With the passing days, the news of Indian soldiers being slaughtered and ruthlessly murdered in the borders are on a rise. Pakistan being one of the most infamous neighbors that the world has ever seen continues the ruthless attacks. However, off late, with the help of the social media and the news agencies, the news of such monstrous deeds of the neighboring nation have caught the spotlight among the Indians.

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Does Raising Voice Against The Nation Make One A Hero?

With that in mind, there was a huge cry on the fact that the people associated with the entertainment industry are to be thrown out of the nation. Agreeing with the same, the Indian motion picture producers’ association too had gone on to ban the Pakistanis associated with the industry. That included some of the big names like Fawad Khan, Ali Zafar, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Atif Aslam. That move was not only supported but were also celebrated by most of the people of the nations. However, like in most of the other situations, there are some of the most so-called “intellectuals” of the society, which includes some of the well-known journalists and celebrities as well who went on to protest against this. Yes, some awards were returned, some awards were not accepted, some smelt the odor of “intolerance” and much more.

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We seriously don’t give a damn if you return your awards for us trying to protect our soldiers!

However, even after the ban, we can see that even now, the singers like Atif Aslam and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan are a part of the industry, at least they are of the movie Tubelight. The Salman Khan flick that is supposed to release tomorrow. If you did not know this, then let me make it very clear that while Atif has sung the song “Main Agar” in the movie, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has lent his voice to the song ” Tinka Tinka Dil Mera“. Before moving any forward, let me introduce you with the director and the producer of the movie. The movie is directed by Kabir Khan and is produced by Salman Khan. Apparently, it seems that the movie is based on the life and hurdles of an Indian soldier, played by Sohail Khan.

Tubelight Movie Secrets
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What Is The Compulsion To Bring Back A Banned Pakistani Singer In India?

Let us now come to the point. Well, if the nation has agreed upon the fact that these people from Pakistan, who goes on to give out videos when there is an attack on Paris but keeps mum, when an Indian mom loses her son, they keep mum when they have all the knowledge about the cross-border terrorism that is promoted by their motherland, but comes up with a Facebook live video when Pakistan beats India in a cricket match, then what is the constraint that a well known and wealthy producer like Salman Khan and a director like Kabir Khan had that they had to take the service of these men? Do we not have talent in India? Where are those great singers whom we see each day on the television in one or the other reality shows? What gives them the audacity and us the right to disregard the sacrifices of the soldiers of the nation for a mere movie? Well, am not a Salman Khan hater, in fact, some of his movies are on my favorite list. But this will surely be one movie that I would like to miss.

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What is Terrorism?

Well, I know what some of the Supreme liberals, who happen to be the coolest people on earth and the inspiration of thousands, will be coming up with the great quote that “One must not confuse art with terrorism!” Dear, if art is not terrorism and we can go along exchanging art and culture, if business is not terrorism and we go on doing business with them, if sports is not terrorism and we go on playing cricket and hockey with them, then just tell me one thing, is it just the duty of the soldiers to loose their life on the border when we keep dancing on the tunes of Atif Aslam every single day? Give it a thought friend. We all cannot go out on the border to fight for our motherland. We simply can’t and we all accept it. But then, we surely can skip one movie in our life. Might be that will speak out to the people in the industry and these Pakistani singers and actors might get a backlash on the same.

Tubelight Movie Ratings
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Am too insignificant a person as compared to all the people mentioned in the article. I do not know whether you should or should not go on to watch this movie. But even if one less ticket is bought cause of this article, the purpose of this article is complete and YOU are the only one I trust upon with this!


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