You Will Never Question The Loyalty Of Dogs Once You Have Read The Stories Of These Loyal Dogs!

Dogs are the best friend that man has ever had. This is a common phase that almost all of us have heard at some point of time or the other right! Well, there are still many people who do not believe the same. If you are one of them, then trust me, your beliefs will be shattered in a while. Here are some of the instances when a dog went on to show why he is given the tag of being the most loyal friend that a man can have!

Saved The Master But Lost His Life:

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The owner of the dog had left the house with all the ambition to lay himself in front of the railway tracks. However, it was not what destiny had in mind. While the owner had placed himself on the railway lines, it was the loyal dog who saved the man. Although, the man was left unharmed, but the running train claimed the life of the animal. This unnamed dog from Kazakhstan will always be remembered as one of the most loyal friends that man has ever had.

A Loyalty That Lasted For Life:

Loyal Dogs
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His master passed away in the year 2006 and this had an advert impact on the dog. He seemed to have fled from the house. However, this was not true! The dog went on to find his master, Miguel Guzmán’s grave on his own and stayed there. The dog guarded the grave of his master not for a week or two. The loyal friend of the Argentine master, went on to protect the grave of his master for more than 9 long years till 2015! He received provision from the staffs of the cemetery and thus have no reason to leave.

A Wait Of 14 Years:

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Back in the year 1943, Borgo San Lorenzo went on with his daily chores as usual. However, it being the time of the world war, Borgo was hit by a violent air raid which cost him his life. Aloof of this, Fido, the dog reached out to the bus stand that afternoon to return with his master. However, when his master did not turn up, the dog returned with a broken heart. However, he continued the same practice for 14 long years, every single day! Fido finally died at the bus stand in the year 1958. The Comune of Borgo San Lorenzo commissioned to have a statue of Fido as a symbol of love and fidelity in the year 1957, even when Fido was alive.

Chatrapati Shivaji’s Loyal Dog

Loyal Dogs
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The history of the loyal pet of Chatrapati Shivaji is also almost as engrossing as his stories themselves. Shivaji had a pet dog called Waghya. When the King passed away, the news did hurt the pet quite hard. So much was his love for his master that he jumped into the funeral pyre of Shivaji. This act by the animal has made him one of the symbols of loyalty and purity in India. A statue of the faithful and loyal dog resides just beside the tomb of Shivaji’ at Raigad Fort in Maharashtra.

Walked 4,105 Kilometers To Be Back With His Family:

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Bobbie was the beloved pet of a family in Oregon. When they had gone on to a tour to Indiana with the pet, they somehow did lose their pet. Even after searching for long, when they failed to trace back Bobbie, they returned home with fallen hearts. However, 6 months later the pet appeared at the doorsteps of the house, all scrawny and bony. The dog had covered a distance of more 4,105 kilometers, all the way from Indiana to Oregon. The little pet went across all the hurdles and natural barriers like mountains and deserts that fell in between to make his way back home. On an average, the dog walked about 23 kilometers a day to get back with his family.

Well, these are some of the best stories that we have about the loyal dogs that people from all across the world has had in the past. These stories do seriously help us understand what Will Rogers said when he said:

“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.”

Dogs are surely the most loved creature one would ever like to have!

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