Kolkata Might Have An Upper Hand In The Qualifier! Well, There Are Plenty Of Reasons For The Same

Tomorrow, two of the most successful teams who have ever played the IPL will be facing off each other. This will be a chance for the two teams to make their mark once again in the tournament. Both the teams have won the tournament twice. The two teams have faced each other 20 times in the past. Out of these 20 times, as many as 15 times, the men in blue have emerged the winners. If the Kolkata vs Mumbai match prediction is done on the basis of the head to head results till now, then hardly Kolkata stands a chance! Depicting a winner in the qualifier by that would be really unfair!

Head To Head Analysis Of MI vs KKR In IPL 2017

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Talking about the two teams in the IPL this year. Both the teams have been among the top performers! While on one hand, MI was throughout giving a tough time to all the opponents, Kolkata too had its shares. However, both the teams fumbled at the later stages of the tournament. KKR failed to win the last game and thus make it among the top 2 teams to make it to the qualifiers. Mumbai Indians, on the other hand, went on to lose their momentum to RPS in the first match in the qualifiers.

Standings IPL 2017

The head to head analysis of the two teams shows that the two teams have faced each other twice in the league stages. Mumbai Indians went on to win both the teams against Kolkata Knight Riders. Considering their overall performance in the league stages, Mumbai Indians team has won 10 out of its 18 games. Playing the same number of matches Kolkata has won 8 out of their quota.

Kolkata Or Mumbai? Big Question!

Eliminator Match KKR vs MI
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Both the teams have been through some real highs and lows in the tournament. Mumbai Indians team has for the first time been able to get off with a momentum and carry on with it. All the players in the team, at some point in time or the other, have clicked and played outstandingly well! Coming to Kolkata Knight Riders, they have recorded the fastest team 100 runs by scoring 105 runs in just 6 overs. On the other hand, they have also displayed their outstanding bowling performance. The Kolkata bowling attack has claimed the entire Bangalore team for a mere 49 runs, the lowest in the history of the tournament. This together shows the ability of the team, both in bowling as well as batting!

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Going by the stats, obviously, Mumbai has an upper hand over the Kolkata Knight Riders. However, in this game of uncertainties, one can surely not anything for sure. While on one hand, Gambhir, on the other we have Rohit Sharma. While on one hand there is Naraine, on the other there is Pollard. The game overall will be a very interesting one for the spectators as well as players.

If we are asked to give KKR vs MI match prediction, we would surely have to take a tough call, but we will still keep Kolkata Knight Riders ahead of the Mumbai Indians.


MI vs KKR match prediction
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Reasons For Our Belief Or Claim

Having said that, there are plenty many reasons to support that.

  • Although Kolkata has lost to the Mumbai Indians in the league stages, but the team has shown its caliber in the matches of the IPL time and again.
  • Kolkata Knight Riders have a long and dependable batting line up. Well, this is no different than the Mumbai Indians, however, this side looks more composed on the field.
  • Lasith Malinga, who is one of the key bowlers of the Mumbai Indians side, has not been able to live up to the expectation of the team.
  • Kolkata has won the last match against the Sunrisers Hyderabad, while Mumbai has lost to Pune. The two teams will have a different mindset on the field. This mindset might cost Mumbai Indians the match.

These are the advantages that Kolkata has in the match. However, one would not expect it not to be a cake walk for either of the teams. Let us see who would be the second to qualify for the IPL Finals 2017.

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