Football Greats From Across The World Who Have Visited The City Of Joy

“Ei tui Mohon Bagan Na East Bengal?”
That is a common question that you will hear a Bengali ask another one! Well, if you are not from Bengal and have no idea what those two terms mean, then let me clear this, that East Bengal and Mohon Bagan are two football teams in the city of Kolkata. The two teams are just a representation of how much Kolkata is in love with the game of football! the people of #Kolkata have for long been in love with the game. The same is also evident from the fact the footballers from across the world have visited the city to give the city of joy reasons to cheer. Here, we will be discussing the list of Foreign Footballers Who Have Visited Kolkata!


Foreign Footballers Who Have Visited Kolkata
Picture Courtesy: The Indian Express

The love that the city has for Pele is hard to find! Pele is considered the God of Football by many in this particular part of the world. The player has visited the city not once, but twice. Once in the year 1978, when he was destined only for the city. In his second visit to the nation, he was destined for a trip to Kolkata as well as Delhi. Both the times, Pele has not only been applauded by the people of the city, but one can surely say, that Pele was celebrated by the people of the city in both of his visits. Kolkata would love to have Pele back in the grounds of Kolkata! He is one of the most respected players among all Foreign Footballers Who Have Visited Kolkata.


Foreign Footballers Who Have Visited Kolkata
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After Pele, the second Footballer, who was awarded the Player of the Century award along with Pele. This player has been in Kolkata and has been loved more than one could have ever thought of. The player went back telling that this was something that even he had not thought about. The player is all set to be back in the city of Joy in a few month’s time for the second time. However, we, the Bengalis, can surely promise him one thing that his two-day stay will be as entertaining to him as the last one!

Oliver Kahn:

Oliver Kahn In Kolkata
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The world renowned goalkeeper. The goalkeeper for sure one of the most respected footballer for all goalkeepers across the world. He has played his last football match on the grounds of Kolkata. Oliver played his last match against the Kolkata favorites, Mohun Bagan. Not only the fans in the city, but the players on the ground were also humbled by the presence of the great on the ground. He played the final match of his life in the year 2008. He was also accompanied by the Bayern Munich team, which collectively played the match against the Kolkata biggies!

Lionel Messi:

Foreign Players In Kolkata
Picture Courtesy: Business Line

Does this guy need an introduction guys? Well, am sure no! This footballer also features in the list of Foreign Footballers Who Have Visited Kolkata! He has been to the city of joy in the year 2011. His fans and followers in the state were so overwhelmed by the presence of the present day football great, that they flooded the airport gates and followed the footballer wherever he went. Messi along with the Argentine team went on to play a friendly match against the Venezuela at the Salt Lake Stadium.

These are some of the great footballers in the world history, who have visited Kolkata more than once and they have ruled the hearts of many! Kolkata will time and again keep going back to these footballers who have visited Kolkata till date! We hope to have many other football greats visiting the city in the days to come!

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