These Pics From Maradona’s Last Visit In The City Of Joy Will Revive The Good Memories

“I thought there were no more surprises left in life but my visit to Kolkata has changed that,”I thought there were no more surprises left in life but my visit to Kolkata has changed that.” When someone says something like that, you know exactly how much he was moved by the charm of the city! And this particular person was none other than the loved MARADONA!

The last visit that the footballer had in the city has added to the rich culture of the cultural capital of the nation. Here, we are about to showcase some of the best memories of the trip that the Argentine footballer had almost 10 years back!

Young Artist Wins Maradona’s Heart!

Picture Courtesy: Reuters India

This young guy was someone who made heads turn in the felicitation program arranged for Maradona in Kolkata in 2008. The young artist gave a splendid drawing of Che Guevara to the legend. Maradona was not only delighted with the gesture, but he also praised the young boy for his amazing talent!

Maradona’s Delight At The City Of Joy

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This is a glimpse of the time that Maradona had shared with hundreds of thousands of people of Kolkata. Maradona seemed overwhelmed with the gratitude and love that the people of the state had for him. Probably this is something that made him say the words that this was one surprise that he had not expected!

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The Juggling Fan

Kolkata and maradona 2008
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Juggling a ball is not an easy task and who more than the legend knows it best? When one of the best jugglers in town performed in front of the great footballer, the footballer went on to give him a big hug. The guy was overwhelmed by such warm gestures from the eminent guest.

Quick Tips To The Young Budding Talents

Maradona In Kolkata
Picture Courtesy: Advanced – World News

When one of the bests of footballs is in town, the local clubs of the city made sure that they could collect some important information from the great. This is just one of those pictures during Maradona 2008 Visit to Kolkata. The kids who had got the tips from the Argentine will remember the same as a high point of their life, throughout their life.

The Master Shows His Skills

Maradona And Kolkata
Picture Courtesy: Reuters India

Hardly any other footballer in the history of the game had as many skills as Maradona had. When he is in town, the least that one can ask for is to see the legend in action. This is just a similar pic, where we see the legend playing with the ball and impressing the onlookers.

A Lifelong Dream Fulfilled

Maradona 2008 Visit To Kolkata
Picture Courtesy:

If it was the dream of Kolkatans to see the legend once playing in the grounds of Kolkata, the legend too had some dreams related to the city. The ex-Argentine player and coach had a dream of visiting the Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata and also praying at the abode of Mother Teresa. Well, when in town, he was able to fulfill the same. This is a picture during his visit to the place.

A Leader meets Another



Picture Courtesy: Sportstar


It was not only sports during Maradona’s visit to Kolkata almost 10 years back. Veteran political leader, Jyoti Basu too had a meeting with the star. In this particular picture, Jyoti Basu is seen showing pictures of himself and Fidel Castro. The world cup winning captain of the Argentine team is fond of Castro and had a conversation with the Bengali leader about him being friend with the Cuban Leader.


Thus, here was a list of some of the moments that Maradona had shared with the people of the city. Well, with the great visiting the city for a second time in the month of September, it is highly probable that there will be more sweet memories of the football wizard!

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