H1N1 Virus Claimed First Life In Kolkata; Know How To Keep Yourself Safe

In the recent years, one particular disease has been constantly on the look out in this part of the world and that is the H1N1 or the swine flu virus. Time and again lives have been claimed because of this particular disease, year after year. This year, the first death by the disease in Kolkata is reported on 29th of April. However, that was not the last one. Till now, the count has reached to 3!

3 Deaths By Swine Flu In West Bengal; 1 In Kolkata 2 In Nadia

Swine Flue Deaths In Kolkata
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The first life in Kolkata was claimed on 29th of April by the H1N1 virus. However, that was almost a week after another death in the other parts of the state of the same virus. The Kolkata resident named Arup Halder was brought to the Woodlands nursing home on Wednesday. The patient had symbols of vomiting, loose motions and coughing, apart from shortness of breath. A source close to the Woodlands hospital claimed that the patient was on insulin and had to be put on ventilation and hemodialysis support within hours after he was admitted to the hospital.

swine flu prevention
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The doctors had diagnosed him with the disease and were about to implement the same on the patient, but the patient died within 48 hours after being admitted to the hospital. However, apart from Arup, two others from the Nadia district of West Bengal has also lost their life because of this deadly disease.

Important Points About Swine Flu:

  • Although the name says swine, but the actual transmission of the H1N1 virus is from human. However, the source of the same is from the pigs.
  • People having a weak immune system like young children, pregnant women and diabetic people can easily be taken down by this disease.
  • Some of the symptoms of swine flu are: cough and sneezing, chills, headache, fatigue, sore throat, diarrhea and loss of appetite are a few symptoms, generally associated with rising in body temperature.
prevention of swine flu
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  • Its hard to differentiate between common flu and swine flu, if one is having cough and cold for more than a day or having sudden breathlessness, one must consult with the doctor immediately.
  • Safety precautions for preventing this flu is quite simple but tough at the same time. The preventions include the likes of avoiding crowded public places, eating healthy food and having a proper night sleep. As simple as they might look, these are some of those diseases that are actually very difficult to maintain. Also, one must remember to properly wash their hands before having food.
Kolkata Swine Flu
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  • Swine flu can also be prevented by the use of vaccination.
  • Swine flu is completely curable, but the delay in contacting the medical personnel might lead to serious health issues including death. Zanamivir (Relenza) and Oseltamivir (Tamiflu) helps treat swine flu.

These will for sure give some insights to the biggest problem that has been causing deaths for many years now. Please abide by these points to stay away from the disease and to have a happy summer!

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