Maradona Set To Visit Kolkata For A Quick 2 day Visit! Will Be Playing Charity Match Against Sourav Ganguly

Tough time for Kolkata coming up, this September. Well, when an all-time hero is up against the local charm of the city, it would be interesting to see whom the crowd supports! Well, yes, this September, Diego Maradona will be visiting Kolkata. If that was not enough to excite you already, then let us inform this to you too that the football legend will be playing a match against the most loved local boy, Sourav Ganguly!

Maradona Set To Visit The City Of Joy Just Before Durga Puja


Maradona In Kolkata
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Well, yes, if the sources are to be believed, Maradona, is all set to visit Kolkata in the month of September for a two-day visit. He will also be playing a charity match against Sourav Ganguly on 19th of September.

Kolkata Maradona
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This will be the second visit of the football legend in the city. He had visited the city almost 10 years back in the year 2008. In a conference call, the legend has confirmed his presence in the city on 18th and 19th of September.

All That Maradona Has To Say About The City!

Maradona football
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Talking about his last visit to the city, Maradona said that he has some fond memories of the place which he visited many years back. He also said that he believes that it is an honor for him to be able to make this trip.

Sourav Ganguly, Football, Kolkata
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When the promoters of the Maradona trip, Mr. Satadru Dutta was asked about the match that was going to take place, he informed that the match would not be an 11-a side match and will be called the”Match for Unity”. He also said that the promoters will try to ensure that Maradona is in the spotlight of the event. Fans would have more reasons to cheer, as the partner of 7d Ventures and Founder of Moksh Sports Ventures said that there would be other celebrities participating in the match. However, Mr. Dutta could not yet finalize on a venue and said that they are yet to decide on a venue.

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Maradona’s Schedule During His Stay In Kolkata

Maradona Match In Kolkata
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Maradona will be having a tough schedule in the two days schedule that he would be in Kolkata. Apart from the match, the football star will be felicitated by the Chief minister of the state. The Chief Minister of the State, Mamata Banerjee will be giving the Lifetime Achievement award to the football great.

Maradona Set To Return To Kolkata
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When a football legend is in town, how can one miss the opportunity of getting a few quick tips! Maradona will be then having a football workshop for the young and talented football players of the city.

maradona advocate
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The advocate of Maradona, Dr. Matias Morla said that he is thankful towards Mr. Satadru Dutta for making this trip a reality and will be looking forward to having a great stay at the city of joy, in the festive season.

Maradona In Kolkata
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With the Football legend’s tour before the Durga Puja, there is hardly anything more that the city can ask for. Apart from Durga Puja, there are more reasons for the football lovers of the city to wait for the month of September!

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