A Community In West Bengal Holds Satyagraha To Extend Triple Talaq To All Religious Communities! Find Out Why

In a situation that not the most ardent Muslim leaders have ever thought of, a community in West Bengal demanded that triple talaq must be expanded to every single religious group in India. Yes, you heard it right. Hridaya, a community of tortured men in Kolkata has come up with a demand for the same.

Kolkata Says On Triple Talaq
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What This Triple Talaq Actually Is

Time and again the eminent from all across the across the world have asked the Muslim community to do away with their practice of triple talaq. According to the practice, if a Muslim man repeats the word “Talaq” thrice to his wife. Talaq means “I divorce you”. Women enthusiasts and activists have for long been protesting about the practice in India. Also, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has assured that he will make sure that the practice ends in his regime.

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Statement Issued By The Community

The community of men held a Satyagraha at the heart of Kolkata, to ask for their demands. A statement issued by the body said that the group is looking forward to having this Satyagraha help extend the rights of equality in the field of divorce in India. They feel that triple talaq must be extended to every society of the nation.


Kolkata Dowry Cases
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Equality Of Men And Women

Well, on one hand, you might think this to be a foolish act by the men of the community, but this, however, brings upon the distress that the men of the nation are having in general. According to various sources, time and again it has been seen that the men in a marriage is not happy with the same and are tortured. Even the laws of the nation are curved in such a way that the men are almost neglected from the same.

equality among men in kolkata
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False Cases That Makes Living Difficult For All

With the cry of equality and feminism coming into the picture, it must also be noted that men are not given all the proper rights and facilities that they are supposed to have. According to the police, 43 rape cases that they have solved in the last year were false! That is not all, 10% of all the dowry cases that are filled, are nothing but false accusations against the family of the men. While the husband and the in-laws are arrested instantly with a non-bailable offense of dowry extortion, the defaulters, who come up with false cases are levied as little as Rs 15,000 as a fine, which previously was a shameful Rs 1000.

Handshake In India
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It seems that it is high time people look into the equality of men and women and make sure that India is a better place to live for men and women alike. And surely this is a change that Kolkata is looking

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