What All To Expect In Kolkata By 2020; From Foreign Tours To Carlson Rezidor, Kolkata Is Expected To Have It All By 2020

Bengal is a city of dreams! Time and again people of the city has seen changes and they are now way too well accustomed to the changes that they face from time to time. Here are a few such ideas and dreams that one would expect to become a reality in Kolkata by 2020!

One Road Connecting 3 Countries With The Fourth!

Road joining India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh
Picture Courtesy: South Report

Yes, it might be a bit difficult to digest, but this is true, the West Bengal government has approached the Indian government with the idea to connect three different countries with one road. In this particular project, a 33-km long road will be built in Siliguri.  That will connect three different countries, namely Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh! Well, it really is as exciting as it might sound! The Rs. 1,434-crore project is said to have sent to the Union Cabinet in the middle months of 2014. This project will be a major milestone in the South Asia Sub-Regional Economic Cooperation Programme of Asian Development Bank (ADB). Well, so this is one of those things that you can expect in West Bengal within 2020. So gear up, cause your long drive now, might cover three countries in one go!


Howrah And Kolkata Get Connected Dramatically!

Tunnel joining Kolkata and Howrah
Picture Courtesy: The Better India

Well, the only way you can connect Kolkata and Howrah is by having some bridges. If that is what you have felt all these days, then it is time that you give up on your assumptions! Cause Kolkata has come up with a grand new idea and that is to tame the Hoogly river. Yup, Kolkata and Howrah will get connected through an underground tunnel,. This is the first attempt of its type in India.

The twin tunnel will cover 520 meters under the Hooghly river as a part of the 10.8km underground project and will be one of the most vital projects of the East-West Metro project. The tunnel will be 13 meters below the riverbed. If you ever thought how it feels to be a bit closer to the core of the earth, probably you have a reason to travel to Kolkata by 2020.


No Unmanned Level Crossing

Unmanned Railways In Kolkata; What To Expect In Kolkata by 2020
Picture Courtesy: The Logical Indian

This might not look as something to pop out for, but this surely does help people in having a safer life. This has for long being a concern for the people of Kolkata. The unmanned levels have time and again claimed the lives of various innocents. So, one thing that you can expect in Kolkata by 2020 is manning of all the levels. The Indian Railways is also working for the same and one can expect that the government will help in the manning of the same. Lion’s share of the railway budget of the nation is subjected to the same in all parts of the nation, Kolkata, is no exception.


Start Your Start-Up In Kolkata!

Start Up In Kolkata
Picture Courtesy: YourStory.com

IIM Calcutta is about to start off with its incubation program to support as many as 100 start-ups by the year 2020. That is something really exciting for every start-up owner. Not only will it assure that you have your own start-up assistance, but it will also help you know the ins and outs of the Start-up community. Being one of the most premier B-schools in India, this will enhance the chances of the young entrepreneurs to become a successful one. So, if you are in Kolkata and you are a dreamer, then dream big, cause might be IIM Calcutta find some interest in your start-up!


Carlson Rezidor Will No Longer Be A Dream

Kolkata Hotels
Picture Courtesy: carlsonrezidor.com

If staying in Carlson Rezidor was your wish all these while, then be sure that by 2020, you will have the chance to be in the hospitality major, right at your city! Yes, you heard it right! Carlson Rezidor Group is looking forward to opening as many as 8 hotels in different parts of the nation by 2020. Kolkata is one of the most popular destinations among the 8 cities that the group will be heading forward to. Thus, for all those who were dreaming all this while, your dreams are about to come true!


You have it all here by 2020. Now for all those who have been complaining all these while about something or the other bad about Kolkata. This is for them to remember that the city will have its share of development by 2020. And yes, when it comes to the charm that this city has, it is something that you really cannot compare with anything else. Looking forward to having a great life, here, in Kolkata by 2020!

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