Best ITI Colleges In Kolkata; What To Look Out For Before You Take A Giant Leap For Your Career

The ITI or Industrial Training Institutes of Kolkata provide a wide plethora of reasons in the form of courses to the youth of today for providing them with better career options in today’s unpredictable world. The best ITI colleges in Kolkata not only provide a good education but also good jobs. The ITI training institute in Kolkata announces their admission criteria and rules to their different courses at a definite time of the year.

Well, with so many options around, the biggest problem that the students have is generally, the lack of awareness and idea on which college to choose after having got a good rank in the entrance examination. Here, we have formulated a list of institutions that give the ITI training to students and help them have complete knowledge about the selection procedure.

  • Beleghata Education Aid Center (Kolkata)

ITI Colleges In Kolkata
Picture Courtesy: Times of India

This institute is among the premier institutions in the city. Many well-known companies have time and again reached out to the students of this particular college. Students here have the reputation of being one of the most well-behaved and technically sound attitudes towards their particular field. This is one of those institutes that is among the best ITI institute in Kolkata.

  • NMIT Industrial Training Centre (Baghajatin)

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This is again one of the most trusted colleges for the ITI students in the city. Over the years they have developed an atmosphere that helps them stay among the top institutions when it comes to ITI students in the city. Time and again they have proved the city, why they are one of the best in the field, with some of the best companies getting students from the campus, over the years the college has maintained a league of their own.

  • Industrial Training Institute(Gariahat)

ITI Training Institutes In Kolkata
Picture Courtesy: ITI Gurgaon

This particular ITI is situated at the hub of the city. One of the best places that you would ever want to be in. The ITI at Gariahat is one of a kind and has some of the most sophisticated and respectable faculties. The students here have the exposure to new and latest techniques. This is just the reason why this college is among the top ITI institutions in Kolkata.

  • Industrial Training Institute for Women(Gariahat)

Picture Courtesy: Business Line

Once again placed at Gariahat, this place is only for women. The faculties take good care of the students and make sure that they are involved in the day to day activities. The ladies from this particular college have some of the best faculties teaching them. At the same time, they have the latest technologies to make them aware of the industrial proceedings in their college days.

  • Ramakrishna Mission Industrial Training Center(Narendrapur)

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If you are one of those who has the idea about the ITI colleges, then surely this particular college will need no introduction. The college carries on with the aroma of the brilliance that they have had for days in the past. Ramakrishna Mission has a great reputation among the students. Even in the schools, they have a great repute among the students and the same continues with the ITI college as well.


We hope that the informations furnished in this article will help you select the best college for yourself. In case you want us to write on any particular topic and you feel that will help you, please feel free to comment. We, team couch potatoes are on a mission to help you in every possible way.

Disclaimer: The pictures on the page are just suggestive and are not original photographs taken in the college. They might not be of these particular colleges.

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