IIT Kharagpur Registers Third Suicide In Four Months; Suicide Note Reads “Let me sleep”

A young IIT’an from Kharagpur has committed suicide in the Nehru Hall B Block room ground floor on 21st of April 2017. Nidhin N’s inclusion is the latest in the list of students who gave up on life after facing tremendous pressure and depression in the premier institutes of the nation.

Nidhin was a student of the Aerospace department and hailed from Kerala. Talking about the incident, the police claimed that the student used to put up an alarm at 2:00 AM each day. Every day, he would get up in the middle of the night and study. However, on Friday when his alarm went on for a long time after 2:00 AM, his friends suspected some mishap and tried to get in his room. However, his room was shut from inside.

When the room was broke open, the police found a letter along with a dead body and it read: “Let me sleep.”

IIT KGP Boy Commits Suicide, Suspected Of Depression

This was the third suicide of the year in IIT-KGP. Two other students, Lokesh Meena from Rajasthan and Sana Sree Raj from Andhra Pradesh also committed suicide. Lokesh jumped in front of a train at the Jakpur station. Sree Raj’s body, on the other hand, was discovered from the railway tracks around 500 meter from the college premises. Although the college authorities and the police claimed that to be a suicide, the family of the student believes that Sree was tortured by his friends and that might be the reason behind his death.

Initiative Taken By The IIT’s To Fight Against The Problem

Picture Courtesy: CollegeDekho

The IITs’ over the years have a record of having some of the largest numbers of students committing suicide in various IITs’. All the IITs’ have come up with their own ways to fight against the same. IIT Delhi has introduced a parents-teacher meeting in their curriculum. IIT Bombay has hired two counselors and a psychiatrist who will be taking care of the students and are very much approachable all the time.

Picture Credit: Project Collage

IIT Kharagpur too has its Facebook page, where the students having any problem can share the same with the councilors, who are available 24*7. The urge of having such a cell can be felt from the data that more than 3000 students out of the total 11,000 in the campus had at least for once approached the councilors over a call, in the year 2016.

Getting deep into the issue, it has been found that the students from IIT Guwahati did not commit a single suicide ever since a creative center was introduced in the college. This surely gives the idea that the students are searching on for ways to implement their energy outside education purposes.

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