Kolkata Among The 7 Cities Having Highest Noise Pollution, As Stated By Centre

Noise pollution has been one of the least talked after types of pollutions. This is one of those type of pollution that is hardly taken any care of. However, now the center has finally come up with the initiative to control noise pollution too. Among the few cities that the center has named, where the level of noise exceeds the noise pollution limit, Kolkata is one of the front runners.

Union Minister Dave Claims The Kolkata Is Among The Front Runners In Noise Pollution In The Nation

Traffic In Kolkata
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According to the data collected from a network of 70 noise-monitoring stations, it has been concluded that 7 cities of the nation, namely Kolkata, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bombay, Lucknow, and Bangalore are yet to meet the standards of noise pollution. Talking about the same issue, the Union Environment Minister, Mr. Anil Madhav Dave commented that the indication from the stations indicate that the noise pollution is quite high and also that the noise includes the likes of vehicle horns.

Kolkata Transportations
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Pollution has always been a concern in developing countries like India. Through years, several rules and measures have been taken up by the government to make sure that the pollutions are kept in check. Even still, there are areas where the government has failed to perform completely. While time and again the reduction in various ways of pollutions have been significant. There have still been acute cases where the government has failed.

Noise Pollution Is Not The Only Problem In India, It Is One Of The Many

Kolkata Pollution
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One of the most classic examples of air pollution can be the capital city, where several rules are being declared to get a control over the air pollution. The residents of Delhi had to suffer from acute air related problems on the day after Diwali. The major problem was faced because of the overuse of the firecrackers on the day of Diwali.

Pollution In Delhi
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Talking about the noise pollution, in the metro cities, it is taken care that during the time of Diwali the crackers are not above a certain decibel. However, on the other days or occasions, such an initiative from the government or the people is hard to find. This is one of the reasons why the noise pollution of the fast developing cities is going above the margin.

Pollution In Kolkata
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We feel that strict measures must be taken against the vehicle noise emissions and the other day to day activities, that include the use of loudspeakers in any and every activity of the cities. These will surely help reduce the problems that the people are facing in the cities stated above. Also, children must be kept away from very loud electronic devices. It must be remembered that they are more susceptible to the loud noises.

Awareness In Noise Pollution In Kolkata
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Please remember, noise Pollution is as Harmful to you, as any other source of pollution. Stand up and against this form of pollution as well.

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