NEET Tips And Tricks That Will Help You Hike Your Marks In The Final Month

NEET is currently one of the most important examination that the nation conducts. All the medical aspirants look at this examination as a chance to get into the dream college that they have always dreamt of. Well, after having completed with the class 12 results, the students are in general way too tensed about the preparation of the examination and here, we will be helping them with some tips to get the best scores in the NEET examination.

How To Get Good Marks In NEET 2017?

NEET Examination Tips 2017
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Since this is the very first post of the series that we will be coming up with, here we will be instructing students what is the best thing that they can do in the last month before the NEET examination, so that they can have a dream NEET result this year and be in their dream college.

NEET 2017 Examination Tip


1. Make a calendar for yourself

NEET 2017
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This is an important step, with the examination due on 5th of May, make a calendar. Jot down the number of days left till your examination. Then marking them as Day 1, Day 2 and so on, mark exactly what all you would like to study on those given days. Let’s say on Day 1 you want to concentrate on two chapters of Biology and three chapters of Chemistry, on Day two, you want to concentrate on Physics and Biology only and so on. Make a complete calendar ready, so that every day when you sit to study, you know exactly what to study.

2. Follow the calendar diligently


NEET 2017 Tips And Tricks
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You have made the calendar and now you are the one who must take care of the same. Follow it diligently and make sure that you do not skip any day. For one month, keep yourself aloof of all worldly ties! Well, that may sound funny, but that is something that you need to do if you want to make it to your dream college.

3. Be Healthy

NEET Examination 2017
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In various parts of the nation, the climates vary. At most of the parts of the nation, this is the warm sunny days, keep yourself well hydrated and healthy. Make sure that you do not fall ill, stay on healthy and nutritious diets. While you will be looking to digest a lot of your studies, make sure that your brain gets the proper nutrition that it deserves.

4. Schedule the time according to your need

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We firmly believe that there is no best time to study. Whenever it suits you best, it’s the best time to study. Also, every individual has the best time to study. While you might be studying at night and your IITan brother studied at early morning, we think that there is perfectly no connection between when you study. It’s rather on how hard and how much you study.

5. Check out question papers and solve as many question papers as you can

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Make sure that you do it in a given time. You will have to make sure that you are fast enough to complete the question paper correctly in time. The more you practice the question papers, the better for you.

These are 5 tips which we suppose will help you immensely. Over the years, we have had some great experts who have worked on these points and made tasted success. These are time-tested tips and if properly utilized will surely help you get great marks in the NEET examination that is on 5th of the next month.

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