Kolkata For Foodies! All That A Foodie Must Try Out In Kolkata

Kolkata is one of those places where every possible person can have a great living. The place is suitable for one and all, and with the passing days, the place is becoming even more acceptable to everyone. Among many other reasons, one of those that makes Kolkata a really good place for everyone to settle in is the fact that there are dishes for every particular person when it comes to choosing the best food for themselves. Be it the Dosa from South India or the Rosogolla of the state, the state offers it all for the people of the city!

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Fulko Fulko Luchi:
Batura as you might call it, but here, luchi gets all the more personified than you can possibly think of! Luchi has all the Bengali emotions attached to it, and whether you are one of the vegetarians and want to enjoy the same with Alur dum or you would love to munch in with some chicken, it is completely your call! Overall, the luchi is one of the best food that the state has ever had and the people here are completely in love with the same.

Alu Posto:
Have you ever had poppy seeds with pride? If no, then it is time that you get to Bengal and ask the sweet people of the place to offer you with the best food that you can possibly think of! The veg preparation is a complete delight for all the vegetarians of the state. It is something that has been the favourite food for a large chunk of Bengali families for generations! Once in Bengal, do not forget to try this out.

Ilish Mach:
Now this is where the actual Bengali heart lies. Bengal is for one and for all known as the place of fish lovers, well, if you are one of those who have really not loved fish till date, then you will definitely have to change your opinion once you have Ilsha fish from any Bengali! The fish is called the queen of all fishes and the reason behind the same is its great taste. While you can find the tastiest of this in the rainy season, you can surely try out having the same at any other time of the year. But still we repeat, it tastes best in the monsoon season!

Okay, if you were expecting this in the list then I have nothing to say, but just that you must have expected this, cause this is something that you must definitely expect, cause this is one of the Bengal delicacies that has over the years earned a lot of respect from one and all. Once in Bengal, almost every sweet shop in the nook and corner of the road, you will find rosogolla. The beauty of the sweet is that you cannot stop after you have had one, and you will never have enough of these sweets. If in Bengal, do not forget to have these in your list!

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