West Bengal Joint Exam Last Minute Tips

Right, when you are busy with your WBJEE Preparations we are here to guide you with some West Bengal Joint Exam Tips.Entrance exams are all about maintaining a delicate balance between speed and precision. If you want to crack WBJEE then there a few things that you must keep in mind. The exam mainly tests your math and aptitude skills along with your ability to make quick decisions.

Here are Some Quick And Efficient Tips To Help You With WBJEE

WBJEE Exam Tips
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  1. Revision helps.

All the topics of 11th standard are the basics of the new chapters of 12th standard. It is crucial to know your basics if you want to focus on a course like engineering. Not being familiar with your school academic syllabus will almost definitely be a major disadvantage for you in college. GO for WBJEE online mock tests for better results. WBJEE focuses its exam on your knowledge.

  1. Practice Practice and Practice

    Tips And Tricks Of West Bengal Joint
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You need speed if you want to score well in WBJEE. Revising your books and notes will not help you build speed. That speed only comes from actual test taking. That is where WBJEE previous year question papers come to rescue. So as the year goes, practice questions from the chapters you have studied on a regular basis. Once you are done with all the chapters, before the WBJEE exams, get all the previous year paper’s, try mock tests and just attempt as many as you can. Time yourself to see how much you score in each WBJEE paper. Keep pushing yourself to do better with each new practice paper.

  1. Learn to focus

    WBJEE Examination Tips 2017
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To crack WBJEE you need to perform at the best of your capabilities. This means that you need to be calm, clearheaded and focused when you step in the examination hall. Be well aware of WBJEE examination hall rules. Sleep well the night before the exam and have a simple breakfast. Moderation is the key to being relaxed, so do not starve yourself, or eat too much.

  1. Be strategic

    Tips And Tricks Of West Bengal JEE 2017
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Any entrance exam like WBJEE needs a strategy. Will you attempt the questions you know, first? Or will you be going through all of them one by one? How much time are you setting aside for each question? You’d better have the answers to these questions before you start writing your paper. Try WBJEE online mock tests before so that you are accustomed to the exam pattern.

  1. No guess work will work

    West Bengal JEE Examination 2017

Guesswork will not get you anywhere in an exam, especially a highly competitive one like the WBJEE. Getting a question wrong will directly impact your rank, so keep this thing in mind during WBJEE preparations. With negative marking and a direct harm of 33% for every question you get wrong, you are better off doing what you are confident about and leaving the guesswork to people who may end up far lower than you in rank.

  1. Be prepared for D-day

    WBJEE Points To Remember
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There are some things that you will definitely need on your WBJEE examination date so be sure you prepare a kit in advance so that there are no issues on the day of the exam. Keep two pencils, pens, an eraser and a sharpener with you. Do not forget to wear your watch so you do not need to keep asking the invigilator for the time and carry a water bottle so that you do not get distracted in the middle of the exam by thirst.

  1. Treat your health as a subject too

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There are many students who fall sick a week or so before their competitive exams, sometimes even on the night before. The reason for this is that they do not take proper care of their health. Do not make the same mistake. Only best books for WBJEE preparation will not help if you do not take the best care of your health. Eat well, avoid junk food and get proper rest.

We hope these tips on how to prepare for WBJEE examination will help you in your exam.



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